Demand for video and explosive growth of data presents a unique opportunity for video to be interactive and engage on a personalized level with your customer. 


We’re changing the way brands use video to connect with their customer by providing a platform for personalization. This makes it easy to personalize the story for the individual journey.

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Video For Every OpportunityWhy Personalized Video?
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Personalized Video Platform


Storybulbs helps you build connections with your customer through personalized video.

Using interactions and data, together we create a better video experience that tailors your brand’s video story to each individual journey.

Building better engagement, driving higher conversions and improving brand loyalty.

How it works

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Your Customer Wants Personalized Video

80% of your online visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will actually read content in its entirety

75% of customers prefer that retailers use personal data to improve shopping experiences

Personalized content with personalized CTAs receive 42% higher engagement

Video for every opportunity


From the early stages of the customer journey, through continued growth and loyalty.

Storybulbs helps you use video to engage each individual through the entire customer success lifecycle.

How it works

How Storybulbs Works

Create your video content and build your story template using the tools your video production artists use today.

Or choose from a variety of templates we’ve produced for out-of-the-box personalized video stories.

Storybulbs Personalized Video console Personalize

Personalize your video. Using the Storybulbs platform, personalize the video by connecting your data to the video content you want to personalize.

We work with any data source—marketing automation, CRM, billing systems, daily trackers, training databases and so much more.


Deploy your video campaign and engage. Send one video or one-million using the marketing tools you already have in place like Hubspot, Marketo or Mailchimp.

Whether sending your campaign through email, SMS, or embedding the video—Storybulbs helps you engage each recipient 1:1 with your personalized video from your brand, on a global scale.

Measure every engagement. Storybulbs provides you with attention analytics. Who watched, how long and how they interacted with their personalized video story. And, this data can be sent to any of your marketing dashboards to continuously optimize your campaigns.

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Ready for each individual, on a global scale

One Video, or One Million

We’re cloud-based and fully scalable. Send one personalized video, or one million. We can handle that.

Mobile Ready

HTML 5 video player ready for engaging anyone, on any device. Embed our player on any of your landing pages and serve mobile ready, personalized video to your audience.

Fully Interactive

Personalize your videos with forms, buttons, call-outs, charts and reports. Prompt viewers to share them on social. Each video is completely interactive.


Robust attention analytics that measure engagement and interactions. Know how long the video was watched, or what interactions each viewer takes.

We play nicely with others.


Easily deploy hundreds of personalized video campaigns to thousands of individuals—using the digital tools you already have.


Our flexible API integrates with any customizable application. From marketing automation platforms and CRM, to back-end billing systems or custom tracking tools.

We connect the preference data from your audience segments and seamlessly personalize the video content with each individual’s preferences.


Combining personal preference data, with the right video content and measuring individual engagement all along the way.

Storybulbs Personalized Video platform integrations