Storybulbs consists of two core concepts Campaigns and Storylines. Storylines are the personalized video story you will deliver and Campaigns are how you will distribute and monitor Storylines performance. 





The Storyline editor is a HTML5 Web interface to customize and personalize video content. The Storyline editor follows standard video editing software, it has a video editing canvas area, timeline editor and assets library. Elements can be dragged onto the timeline and then location and length edited.


Every element within storyline can be personalized in three way:

Data binding – Data elements are assigned values in the editor corresponding to data that will be passed to the video in the Campaign for rendering.

Scripting – Create complex assignment of values utilizing data that is passed or collected along with code.

RestAPI – Storybulbs can tap into almost any information by utilizing Rest API technology, and use this information in the video story. These API’s could be public domains such as weather, stock or shopping information as well as proprietary API’s that require secure access.


Create & Distribute

Storybulbs can trigger the creation and distribution of videos in multiple ways:

– Manually create through the platform by uploading a CSV with data

– Automatically create by utilizing an external application to call the Storybulbs API with the relevant data

– Automatically create and distribute by utilizing integrated marketing automation platforms

– The Storybulbs platform can distribute the videos through Email or SMS

– An external service can distribute the videos by utilizing the Storybulbs APIs


After the videos have been distributed, Storybulbs provides management tools, including the ability to view or delete individual videos as needed.

Storybulbs provides an analytical dashboard that provides information on the campaign performance; including  how many videos are sent, loaded, played, played to completion and the total minutes viewed.

Here Are Two Samples